The most customizable and plug-and-playable order handling system the world has ever seen.

Interflora is the country’s largest and most popular provider of flowers and heart-warming gifts, and is still growing rapidly. And it’s a growth that has seen their order handling system fall behind in efficiency. We helped Interflora build a new one. 

The Purpose

The order handling system is the backbone of just about any e-commerce business, and it’s no different for Interflora. As their previous system couldn’t keep up the pace, we helped Interflora plan, design, and develop a brand new order handling system – the final and critical piece of the digital ecosystem we have created for Interflora. And to go along with everything else we’ve built for them, the order handling system needed to be user-friendly, scalable and secure, and be able to evolve organically alongside the rest of the organization. Together, we built IFOS, the Interflora Order handling System.

The Approach

The essential idea behind IFOS is that it is designed in collaboration with the people who use it daily - the florists and Interflora's customer service - to create a platform that is easily accessible, user-friendly and efficient. With IFOS, we wanted to innovate the classic order handling system, which has historically been complex and heavy, and make it easy, fast and light. To do that, we created IFOS as an API-based and modular system that is built to ensure stability and support new business initiatives, without any of the clutter that’s often seen in systems like this. 


We built IFOS as a modular platform, where the integrated systems are independent of each other, and additions can easily be made as needed. The system's microservice architecture makes it possible to perform with maximum efficiency, as the individual parts of the system do not affect each other. At the same time, IFOS is cloud-based and extremely scalable. This means that the system can handle peak loads on critical days such as Mother's Day and Valentines Day, without slowing down, or worse, crashing. The order handling system also provides customer service space to perform their work, as they no longer have to handle unforeseen administrative tasks as a result of system crashes.


“Being entrusted with creating something as vital as a new order handling system is both an exciting and humbling experience - knowing full well how much depends on not only the technical implementation but also on a smooth and unobtrusive user experience. I’m beyond proud of the product we delivered, and seeing how IFOS is already helping Interflora grow their business makes all the hard work infinitely worth it.”

Frederik Schlosser
UX Designer, Adapt

The Solution

The historically close relationship we have with Interflora enabled us to build IFOS in close collaboration with them - the result: A scalable, modular, API-based, and customized order management system. We assembled all the features that Interflora needed, which were previously spread across 4 different systems, and incorporated them into IFOS. At the same time, IFOS is cloud-based and built to perform even under extreme loads to ensure 100% uptime. Designed for a world that is changing rapidly, IFOS is created specifically for Interflora and its florists, handling orders fast and efficiently, both domestically and internationally, making Interflora ready for the digital business of the next decade. 

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