A new gift universe comes to life

Interflora came to us to help them create a brand new gift universe, designed to enhance the customers’ experience. Together, we created a site that guides the customers through the vast variety of flowers and gifts, in a personalized and hassle-free manner.

The Purpose

Interflora aims to set the bar high, which allowed us to roll out the heavy guns. Together we plotted the course that Interflora will take over the next years, a strategy that allows Interflora to keep moving forward, all the while unwrapping their new universe phase by phase. This means, that from the first launch they are miles ahead of their competitors, and that’s just the beginning.

The Approach

We started the project with a comprehensive research phase, focusing on the scope of the project from a UX, brand design, and development perspective. It was vital, that not only the first phase was thought through, but that all subsequent phases were lined up and prioritized. From there, we dived into the ‘doing’ part, and started creating a complete gift universe, that would knock the socks of the old Interflora site, and give the customer a personalized experience.


We designed the site architecture to handle extreme volumes of traffic, both to keep performance optimal on ‘regular’ days, as well as on peak days. We focus on how we structure and build our code for optimal performance, which means minimal loading time and optimized checkout-flow, and zero downtime.


For us, it was vital to include customer experience from the get-go, and incorporate a synergy between performance and user experience. We built an optimized checkout-flow into a personalized site, to ensure that the journey from browse to purchase was as smooth as possible, while continuously testing to improve.


We had a clear vision for Interflora right from the start. These first, visionary layouts, based on the new design guidelines we developed, were the starting point for the HTML prototype we user tested, right through to the development of the real product.

Jannick S. Larsen
Lead Art Director


Clean, simple, and, well… delicious. We created a design that is inspiring and welcoming for both the returning customer and the new. We turned to the blogging- and magazine worlds, and recreated that look and feel of home. We helped create entirely new guidelines, where the design is driven by enticing images set up to inspire the customer.


increased site speed


increased basket size


increase in pages pr. session

The Solution

The key to delivering on all criterias for Interflora, was collaboration. The close relationship between our teams drove the project forward, and enabled us to create a site that really centers on giving the customer the best experience possible, regardless of device, time and occasion.




We wish to give our customers the best experience here and now also when they meet our communication in other channels. We look forward to many years of cooperation where Adapt becomes a close partner in Interflora.dk's digital development.

Zvi Goldstein
CMO, Interflora

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