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When you’re already a market leader within your field, innovative approaches help broaden your perspective, and broach new market areas. That’s exactly what AOF did when we helped them create GoJoin - an app that focuses on bringing people together to create, share and explore new experiences. 

The Purpose

As an already established market leader within their field, AOF wanted an innovative approach to their own market that could draw in a somewhat different target group – namely, everyone who owns a smartphone. ‘GoJoin’ – there’s a sense of encouragement in the name itself, which is exactly what AOF aimed to inspire – get on the app, create your own activities, or sign up for others’, and start exploring. It’s quite simple, and all AOF wanted to do, was to empower people to do this, by creating the platform that makes it easy. 

The Approach

The entire process of developing the app was done in close collaboration with AOF, with several rounds of user testing, to make sure the app was attractive to the target audience, and delivered everything the users needed. It was in the initial concept phase that we decided to invert AOF’s current concept, and create the app from the user’s perspective, with full capability to create and discover new activities. From there, it was a matter of shaping the design and functionality for the smoothest experience possible. 


GoJoin is part of tomorrow’s digital spirit. It’s completely centered on the users and the experiences they share in a completely transparent way, where quality is assured through user ratings and reviews.

Martin Povlsen
Business Development Director, Adapt

The Solution

As a part of the digital strategy set down in collaboration with AOF, the launch of GoJoin is a sure step towards revolutionising AOF’s own market – by giving power and initiative over to the people. It is an app based on enabling people, and making it as easy as possible for them to get together to explore, learn and share experiences. In GoJoin, AOF has a platform that is fuelled by passion and togetherness, where only your imagination sets the limits of what is possible. Go join, and get inspired. 


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People are seeking out spare time activities that resonates with them more than ever. Which is why it makes sense to empower the users as we’re doing with GoJoin. They get to define what they want to do, and when.

John Meinert Jacobsen

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