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Dinnr is created by a group of food lovers, dedicated to helping the Danes in their daily lives by delivering delicious meals to their offices, neatly packed, and ready to take home. They came to us, to help them become an established player on the Danish food scene. 


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The Purpose

With the convenience-wave still going strong, the team behind Dinnr joined forces on the simple premise, that ready-made food should be delicious and healthy, while being easily affordable. Their setup is simple - home cooked-quality food, delivered at your office, packed and ready to go. They came to us to help them create their primary digital platform, where anyone can easily see and order meals, in a completely hassle-free manner. In its essence, Dinnr allows you to save time without cutting quality. 

The Approach

Our approach was determined by the tight schedule, and we started working on a prototype immediately after analyzing the concept. As soon as we had a working prototype, we initiated several user testings, while developing and optimizing on the project, which made sure we were able to meet the deadline, without cutting corners on UX, design and development. We delivered an easily navigable platform, that guides the users through their purchase, within a tight time frame.


The team at Adapt Mobile always put themselves in the user’s shoes, and kept us moving forward when the creativity ran wild. The team has helped make our product even better – not just from a digital perspective, but also from a customer perspective.

Charles-René Madsen 
CEO & Co-founder, Dinnr

The Solution

As time to market was an essential factor for Dinnr, we quickly researched and analyzed the concept to establish the key features, and then immediately started designing and developing. We made sure that the design signals simplicity and quality, with smooth navigation and purchase flow. The system architecture enables easy administration and an optimal workflow that ensures all orders are directed and delivered perfectly. With Dinnr, you’re always just a few clicks away from a delicious meal, delivered right where you work.

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The choice of our digital partner was extremely important. We needed high professionalism, great commitment, experience, good input and creative angles – and that's what we got at Adapt Mobile.

Charles-René Madsen 
CEO & Co-founder, Dinnr

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