CBB presents easy self-service for all members

CBB Mobile’s customers mean everything to them – literally. That means that they’ve taken new steps to make sure, that their new platform speaks to every single member of their hugely diverse customer group. 


The Purpose

CBB Mobile is a strictly online mobile service provider, which means that their customers’ experience on their various platforms is vital to them. CBB Mobile came to us, because they wanted to have an outside collaborator for the testing of their new platform. We helped select a group of 10 test users, representing CBB Mobile’s diverse customer group, and ran the tests in our own user lab, overseen by UX Designers from CBB Mobile, giving them insights into how their users interacted with the new platform. 

The Approach

It’s all about honesty and transparency for CBB Mobile, and they wanted to be even clearer with their new platform. To make sure they achieved that, we conducted a series of user tests that included a wide selection of their users. We tested extensively, and the entire process was monitored by CBB, to make sure no stone was left unturned when it came to optimizing their site for all their customers. 

The Solution

Once the tests were completed, we compiled an extensive report, documenting the learnings and insights, which enabled CBB Mobile to immediately start tweaking their new platform. By doing this, CBB Mobile has taken another step towards including their users in the creation of their digital platforms. 


At CBB Mobil, we take pride in involving customers in our development projects. By combining Adapts expertise and professional facilities, we have had a great deal of benefits in a short time in a smooth collaboration. 

Søren Svendsen 
Head of Customer Experience & Digitalization, CBB

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