From offline-retailer to complete omnichannel business

Carl Ras is a family-owned wholesale business, specialized in quality tools and fittings. Our partnership with Carl Ras started in 2005, where the first steps toward a webshop started. Together, we’ve launched multiple cross-platform solutions over the years, and completed their omnichannel transition.

The Purpose

Carl Ras had experienced a steady growth in business in the years before they came to us, a growth they wanted to reflect in their digital strategy. They wanted to give their customers the opportunity to purchase their wares online, and be able to deliver the same quality customer service as in their physical stores. That’s where we came in. We brought our teams together, and over the years we’ve helped Carl Ras establish themselves firmly on the ecommerce market, with both webshop and apps. 

The Approach

The approach Carl Ras has to their business and customers under the motto ‘the customer in focus’, made them exceptional partners for us. Every solution had to be based on specific customer needs, which enabled us to sketch out extensive maps for their users, and helped us shape the digital strategy of Carl Ras over the years. From the first webshop, to a ‘Chip and Track’ system, we’ve run multiple user tests, enabling us to continually develop and adapt the solutions to keep up with the digital development.  


Carl Ras wanted their new webshop to mirror their physical stores, both from a design and UX perspective. Through our research phase, we pinned down what their customers expected from a webshop, and incorporated Carl Ras’ high standards of customer service into the site, making the design recognizable, and the user journey as smooth as possible. We based the platform on custom-built code, which has made sure that their site only needed minor tweaks over a 12 year period, a feat we’re incredibly proud of. 



Chip & Track

The Chip & Track system, designed and built as an app, and fully integrated with the Carl Ras webshop, was an idea that Carl Ras presented to us. Through our user interviews we quickly discovered the brilliance behind the idea. The system provides the users with an indexing tool, working via a chip tracking system, that enables the customer to easily and quickly get an overview of availability and quantity of tools, as well as the location of them. 



With ecommerce being such an important business area for us, it was vital that we could retain our customer service level. Buying tools and fittings with us online had to be professional, easy, and user-friendly, and we’ve really accomplished that.

Kurt Hindkjær,
Web Manager, Carl Ras

The Solution

Our long partnership with Carl Ras has ensured they’ve stayed on top of the digital development. Together, we’ve created an immensely successful webshop, helping them to attract even more customers, and creating a tighter bond with them than most digital solutions are capable of. And we’ve created an app that makes the daily lives of the people in the construction industry a little bit easier. Job well done.


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Adapt has helped us fulfill our vision, and we are very pleased with the impressive growth of both visits and sales. The cooperation with Adapt has met our expectations to the extent that we have had to set new and higher goals.

Kurt Hindkjær,
Web Manager, Carl Ras

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