Keep track of your heat usage with new app

Brunata has provided flexible and easy-to-understand solutions for measuring property and consumption data for more than 100 years. Now, Brunata has developed an app that visualizes energy consumption for end-users, making it easy to see the consumption of heat, see how their consumption is to other comparable customers and see if their consumption is higher or lower than the year before.

The new app also allows users to receive push messages from Brunata, including consumption status, or unforeseen changes, allowing the user to respond to changes.


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Our focus is to offer an intuitive app in a cool design that creates value for our customers. Together with Adapt Mobile, we have now developed the foundation for our new app, and we are very pleased with the results. We are looking forward to further developing it together with Adapt Mobile, so we can offer new features to our customers. 

Betina Kammer Bertz
Marketing Manager, Brunata

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