Driving AOF’s digital transformation

As AOF’s digital strategist our goal is clear; to maintain and cement AOF’s position as a market-leader within the field of innovative adult education in the country. Together, we’ve plotted the course that will help them achieve this, and keep them on the forefront of the digital development for years to come. 

The Purpose

We’ve collaborated with AOF on their digital strategy since 2001, so when their site needed a rework, we sat down with them, and designed a new and improved system architecture. The main improvements showcases each branch’s courses more clearly, but also empowers the editors of the site’s many pages and subpages, to get an easier overview, and keep the site updated, and running smoothly, for the next steps in their digital development.  

The Approach

In accordance with the strategy we’ve defined in collaboration AOF, we focused on the system architecture of the new platform. With a clearly defined roadmap, we were able to quickly establish the main areas of improvements. This meant we were able to create a large number of important improvements, all focused on the user experience and editor interface, and also vastly improving the navigation on the site.  


The overall aim for AOF’s digital strategy, is to continually create value for both their target groups, and their core stakeholders. We’ve increasingly been gathering and using data to understand their users’ needs, and to make the best possible decisions regarding new areas of focus for their business.

Martin Povlsen
Business Development Director, Adapt

The Solution

With a long term strategic partnership with AOF we’ve been able to continuously adjust and adapt to the digital development, making sure their digital transformation always stays on track, and that they are always ahead of their competition. Specific for this project was that we moved their site onto the Drupal 8 platform, both for the benefits of the editors, but also because building the site on the Drupal 8 platform was essential for the next stages of their digital transformation. 




Adapt are highly capable to put themselves in our shoes, and suggest digital solutions that meet our needs, both short and long term. Our collaboration with Adapt means we are continuously advancing our digital strategy, and are able to convert our objectives into actions for all our online activity.

John Meinert Jacobsen