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Ældre Sagen is an organisation based entirely on the engagement from their 780.000 members, and their connection to these members. Their mission is to help create a better life for their members, and to properly embrace all their members, they needed to be present on all available platforms.

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The Purpose

With more than 780,000 members, and many of those becoming increasingly digital, Ældre Sagen needed an app with a clear and accessible design, specifically embracing those who have entered the digital world a little later in life. It was important for Ældre Sagen that the app enabled their members to find what they need, no matter where they are. This means the app has been designed specifically for what their members use the most, namely to find member benefits in their local area.

The Approach

To create an app that would accommodate Ældre Sagen’s goals, we worked closely with Ældre Sagen to quickly cut out all nonessential content and functionality. Add to that, the app is developed on the principle of universal accessibility, to better support the target audience, and is designed to be intuitive to use, with the entire setup scaled so it makes sense to the members using the app. To do this, we incorporated working with simulation goggles, to better understand the target group’s challenges when interacting with digital devices.  


We made sure that the solution is accessible for users who are visually impaired. By using simulation tools we have been able to test how the app works for the diverse users, and putting ourselves in their shoes has really been an eye opener.

Mette Gry Schmidt
Digital Designer, Adapt Mobile

The Solution

Simplicity and accessibility were the essence of the project. Working closely with Ældre Sagen, we developed and designed the app to their specific target group, making sure that both content and design is streamlined, and kept in an accessible and clean style, while staying true to Ældre Sagen’s mission. We also made sure that the app’s foundation is flexible, so we can continue to implement future important features easily.


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We wanted the app to be as concise and precise as possible and only contain the most essential functionality, a digital version of the membership card, for instance, and we’re really happy about how the app has turned out.

Annette Serup Tolstrup
Project Manager, Ældre Sagen

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