Is your webshop ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday is the world's largest sales day for online and physical stores. I have received a lot of questions about how to best prepare and optimize a webshop for Black Friday. Below are my 5 best tips on how to get 100% ready for Black Friday. 

1) Create a landing page for Black Friday

Create a landing page that you can link to in your advertising. This means that people who google "[your name] + Black Friday" are likely to be directed onto your Black Friday landing page where you control the experience 100%. Here you can give them a complete overview of all your offers, with a countdown and visible savings. Also, make sure you decide between a fixed discount or if it varies per. product.

Once your landing page is ready, place it as part of the menu on your website, so you're sure that every visitor sees it. Placing it in the menu will show it across all of your subpages, providing a quick shortcut for all your visitors.

2) Send emails before, and on, Black Friday

You can create a sign-up page where you can invite your visitors to sign up for your newsletter and be among the first to access all the great deals on Black Friday. You can also send reminder emails about great deals a few days before. Remember to send an email on the day as well.

Based on our customer data, 10 o’clock is the magic hour for sending out emails. If possible, you should consider differentiating the email so existing customers get a more personal message and the people on your lead list get a different message.

3) Use data from last year so you're ready for Black Friday

By checking your data from last year, you become aware of which products to put on offer. It's easy to see which products and landing pages performed well last year - and thereby get ideas for this year's Black Friday. In addition, you can check:

  • What searches did people do on your site last year? (If you have an internal search engine)
  • Which landing pages performed well last year? Have you renewed your product range?
  • Which products performed well last year?
  • Use Google Trends and see if your important category searches have moved
  • Search " black Friday" on Google, and see if they're prepared for this year, or if their landing page from last year is still up - maybe there are some ideas to be found there?

4) Advertise ‘like crazy’ in the days leading up to Black Friday

Because the competition is so fierce, Black Friday is also one of the more expensive days to advertise. However, the conversion rate is significantly higher than normal and therefore you can typically achieve a good ROI.

This means that using channels such as Google Ads, broad Facebook advertising, remarketing, email, etc., is very beneficial. The most important thing is that you control your data and budgets so it doesn’t spiral out of control and that you’ve analyzed how much you can spend versus what you’re expecting in return.


You should also consider starting to collect new leads 2 weeks before Black Friday through Facebook. Start a campaign with a reasonable budget on Facebook and aim to boost your email database. We have previously achieved great results using the Lead ads format, as it provided a cheap CPC and a lot of value for money in regards to leads.

For example, the message could be "Get access before everyone else for our best offer." It would create good value to get it out wide. With this strategy, you have made aware of the fact that your company comes with some particularly strong offers. 
In addition, you can start your Black Friday campaign early by creating an event on Facebook. Here you can find all your practical information about Black Friday:

  • Date and time
  • The structure of your offerings - eg hourly or full day offers
  • Terms of your offer - available when in stock, restrictions, etc.
  • Special benefits just this day - eg free shipping, or that everyone who purchases also gets a Goodie bag.
  • Practical info - for example, extended delivery time due to many orders or a guaranteed delivery time.

Once you have set up your Black Friday event, it is a good idea to draw attention to it through regular posts on your Facebook page. The regular posts should contain information about Black Friday at your webshop, competitions and generally remind people of the event. Here's the goal to get more to click on either the ‘Going’ or 'Interested' button.

Google Ads (Google AdWords)

Make sure you control what Google Ads you'd like to run. If you're running discounts, you can benefit from it in your ads. You should also consider making an increase in your budget in connection with the increased interest. Demand and conversion rate rise sharply in the days leading up to Black Friday. It is therefore important that you adjust budget/bid prices so that you make the most of it. On the other hand, ROI is also used to be extremely high these days. In addition, you must ensure the following:

  • Update your feed so sold-out products are not included
  • Set up a countdown to increase the purchase incentive of potential customers
  • Check you have the right landing pages for the different products
  • Use the Black Friday keyword
  • Update your remarketing lists


Get ready for an effective marketing campaign with a Black Friday specific message. For example, here you can design a new set of banners and 'nudge' the customer to trade before the deadline expires.
See Google's recommended sizes here.

5) Make sure your servers are ready

Nobody can shop in a store if it's closed. Similarly, no one can shop at your webshop if your servers are down. Make sure there is enough server capacity to handle the large amount of traffic you get on Black Friday.


Klaus Colding

Director, Ecommerce