Why marketing automation is so much more than emails

When thinking of marketing automation, email flows are probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, marketing automation is so much more than just smart email campaigns. 

So, to inspire you, I have gathered three examples of various marketing automation, where we have helped brands put their data to work.

Automated Google Ads text creation in the travel industry

Travel companies often have thousands of different destinations and ever-changing offers. To cover the full range of destinations and offers with closely matched Google Ads texts and keywords is a daunting and time-consuming task. Marketing automation is a game-changer for travel marketers within Google Ads because it enables them to automatically create and maintain thousands of text ads – text ads, which are crucial to reach new travel-hungry customers looking for specific destinations.

And speaking of automation of text ads: We have built an efficient solution that helps one of our clients extract vital information from a website such as a price, destination, USP’s, etc. Without the need for a Copywriter or an Adwords Specialist, the information is automatically converted into a Google text Ad. This means that the client saves tons of time AND experiences a large boost in visibility and conversions. 


Grouping customers based on conversion probability in retail

Remarketing often produces great results. However, not all customers are likely to purchase, even though they are eligible for remarketing. Brands need to avoid advertising to clients who are either not interested or have already purchased. Otherwise, they risk creating poor customer experiences.

With our retail customers, we work on creating automated and updated remarketing lists with intelligent measures to decide how to bid for different customers through channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Using techniques such as ‘engagement score’ and ‘conversion probability’, we have set up automatically updated remarketing programs, where we bid higher for customers, who are more likely to purchase and remove, based on behavior, the unwanted customers from the list. 

Here is a visualization of a strategy, where we tailor our bids based on a conversion probability algorithm. In short, we bid higher for customers who are more likely to convert. 

Once the setup is in place, it only needs little maintenance, and it makes it possible to do precise advertising and targeting. Win-win!

Reducing appointment churn in the medical sector with automated SMS

There is often a long way from a booked appointment to a person showing up. No-shows are a big problem for health clinics, dentists, medical facilities, and many other businesses, which requires them to overbook their schedules to reach desired targets. To fight no-shows, we turned to marketing automation and SMS reminders based on past behavior.

By using smart reminders, we were able to boost appointment bookings with a whopping 20%, and thereby decrease the overall marketing cost per customer in the medical sector.

These examples show that there is a lot of value in marketing automation besides emails. However, we need to get creative and think about how we can leverage data and automation to boost efficiency and create great customer experiences throughout all our digital channels using smart automation.

There are a lot of possibilities in the market. If you're looking for a solution to a specific problem or customer flow, we would tell you to take a look at Active Campaign. If you want to add automation on top of large CRM logic, we recommend Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which can create omnichannel value for your business in automation, analytics, and optimization. 


Klaus Jespersen Colding

Director, Ecommerce