Three Perspectives on Progressive Web Apps 

The Progressive Web App is buzzing – it’s the talk of the town, the hot potato, the bone of contention... you get the gist. There’s been a LOT of back and forth on the pro’s and con’s of PWA’s and we thought we’d shed a bit of light onto the matter. We put three wise men in a room with a camera – an app developer, a frontend developer, and our frontend lead – and got their perspectives on PWA’s. Here’s what they said: 

Mads Thines, Frontend Dev.  

“The Progressive Web App is the browser's way of creating a native app feeling.”

Bjarke Severinsen, App Dev. 

“One of the big differences between a native app and a progressive web app is that a progressive web app is normally a lot smaller in size and is faster than a normal website.”

Christian Asmussen, Frontend Lead.

“The whole idea of websites being progressive stems from this idea of looking at the browser's capability and adding features. The thing is, however, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from making a crappy progressive web app! And one of the things that would make a crappy progressive web app is a website trying to do too much.”

Mads Thines, Frontend Dev. 

“It's still the users that are our main focus - so making a good progressive web app is all about cutting away clutter and adding value for the user.“

Progressive web app is a website that took all the right vitamins.