SPORTMASTER’s explosive Black Friday

We’ve prepared thoroughly for this year's Black Friday, which is one of the busiest periods of the year. Niels Ralund, CEO of FDIH, proclaimed in the days leading up to it, that Black Friday would be the biggest sales day ever in Denmark. And that was also the case for SPORTMASTER, who, once again, broke several records this year.

If you read our blog post about Black Friday last year, you’d know that performance has always been a focus for us and - and especially in the days up to Black Friday. And this year was no exception.

Impressive numbers

SPORTMASTER has set new records for the number of simultaneous visitors (what Google Analytics calls for concurrent users). Here we saw 270% more users compared to Black Friday last year – without the site (or more importantly - the users) being affected by it. We’d argue that it pays off to prepare for the big sales days like Black Friday. 

And probably the most interesting question is whether or not SPORTMASTER has increased their sales. And again the record is beaten. Compared with last year, SPORTMASTER has increased their sales on Black Friday alone by 27%. And throughout the Black Friday period by 41%.

But what have we really done for performance on the site?

SPORTMASTER is a large site and we are constantly developing it. And usually, the more that’s developed on a site, the slower it becomes. However, we have continuously cleaned up the site after any launches, so it has always been optimized for site speed. During the Black Friday campaign itself, we had surveillance on the site so we were always at the forefront and could fix small things if it became necessary.

In cooperation with SPORTMASTER, we have worked closely with various campaign initiatives. We knew when they sent emails, created Google Ads campaigns, etc., so we were prepared for the possible load. In addition, we have also worked with SEO, load time, and focused on lazy loading, which means that the page only loads the content that is presented to the customer. 

In the more technical department, we can reveal a few of the things we have done so that SPORTMASTER could once again outperform their own goals:
We have ensured that the Varnish cache can cache despite campaign and tracking parameters from Google and other 3rd party systems
The SPORTMASTER webshop clusters were scaled up during Black Friday, so it was approx. 4 times as large as it used to be.

A partnership that makes sense

All in all, Black Friday has been a huge success and it is a huge achievement, as competition year after year gets tougher. We are incredibly proud of helping SPORTMASTER stay at the forefront of the field, year after year.