Sportmaster is ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner, which for most webshops is the starting point of the busiest time of the year. The expectation is that two million Danes will trade on Black Friday, spending more than 2.4 billion dkk.

In September 2017, we launched Sportmaster’s new webshop, with the main focus on performance. Last year, had 950,000 page views on Black Friday alone, and over 760,000 page views the following days. And there are far greater ambitions for the numbers this year.

Small adjustments can be vital

With so many visitors wanting to shop at on Black Friday, even small adjustments may affect the conversion rate. Which is why we, in collaboration with Sportmaster, conducted a user test last week with a particular focus on the possibilities for editors to fine-tune content and language on the site.

User Tests confirmed that we have built a strong foundation for a high potential website. But the user test also generated 3 important insights for the Sportmasters editor team:

Free shipping - placement and communication

It is well known that free shipping can be a decisive factor during the purchase decision. Nevertheless, we became aware that there is a difference in where in the purchase flow this is presented and that it should be clearly visible.

Naming of products and product categories

The Sportmaster’s target audience is hugely diverse, which makes it challenging to predict which word a customer describes a product with. Sweat pants can be anything from running underpants, tights, capri or knickers to a customer. And we’re trying to catch all these search scenarios.

Entries to section pages

In continuation of insight 2, the inputs created on the various sectional pages are also important. The three entries "Shop for Women," "Shop for Men" and "Shop for Kids" on Sportmaster's frontpage proved to be readily available and relevant. On the front page of "women" and "men" the inputs were a bit too specific. The difference between "sneakers" and "running shoes" did not prove big enough and could be solved by presenting the overall category "shoes" instead.

Black Friday - bring it on!

These insights enabled us to make small changes on the site that editors can now try and incorporate at different levels before Black Friday. And the small changes make a world of difference. Black Friday is tomorrow and both we and Sportmaster are ready to take action.


Elin Linding
UX Lead & Digital Strategist