New Google Search Console feature will benefit content creators and users

The ever-evolving organism that is Google is ready with a new feature for search console that will enable content creators to develop more compelling material through a deeper understanding of user intent. Read on to learn more about the feature and why this is a good thing.


Google has launched the beta version of their new feature for content optimization. The new feature is called Google Search Console Insights and uses data from both Search Console and Google Analytics in one view. The purpose of this new tool is to help content creators to have a stronger understanding of how users find content on their website and what their interests are in general. With this new feature Google emphasizes that content is crucial for creating the best customer experience.(Source)

The new Search Console Insights will use data from both the part of Search Console we already know and from Google Analytics. These data will be combined in one view. For instance, this means that content writers will be able to collect data regarding: 

  • What are your best performing pieces of content?
  • How are your new pieces of content performing?
  • How do people discover your content across the web?
  • What are your sites top and trending queries on Google Search?
  • What other sites and articles link to your site’s content and did you get any new links?

This new feature fits quite well the algorithm update, which Google will launch next year. The core algorithm update will focus on user intent and page speed. That means if Google thinks your website users will have a poor experience on your page, Google may not rank those pages as highly as they used to.

At Adapt we look forward to this update for two reasons. We get a better understanding of user intent experience, which will most likely make life easier for content writers, in terms of developing content universes that will create joy for the users and their online experience. It will give us an even greater opportunity to develop strategic solutions for our clients as our SEO- and UX team will benefit from working closer together

Content is still king

It is no newsflash that content is king but it is important to establish that content really still is king. With this new feature and the algorithm update, Google is emphasizing this notion. Creating content pages or universes will only be more important in the future, simple as that. Great content embraces the entire customer journey and should meet customers expectations and needs to make for the best possible customer experience. With the new search console feature content creators are equipped to gain a deeper understanding of the behavior and preferences of the users, enabling them to tailor content, which is compelling and interesting to their target group.

At Adapt,  we can’t wait to see the new content feature implemented in Search Console as it seems to become a very useful tool in our mission to optimize our clients’ digital marketing activities and user experience.

If you need sparring about content development reach out to us. We have the needed experience to optimize your content marketing activities and with this new feature we have another really sharp tool in the shed


Mia Andersson

Senior SEO Consultant