Making. Shopping. Better.

Retailers that understand how to combine their physical stores with digital solutions, is going to win the retail-battle.

A bold statement maybe, but what exactly is it technology can do in the physical stores? 

We’ve started to expect retail-businesses to have an omnichannelstrategy and mindset, with digital solutions working hand-in-hand with physical stores. But that is not the end of the line. The next step is to bring the technology out of the digital confines, into the physical stores. There’s a breakthrough right around the corner, and we’re already taking the leap with several clients. 

What is ‘Instore’, and what does it mean for your business

An Instore solution is, in short, a digitalisation of your physical business. In a bit more detail, Instore solutions offer new ways of approaching, and accommodating your consumers. It’s a new way of enhancing the purchase-experience, and an exciting new way of generating attention for what your business has to offer, both in the physical stores, and online.


The endless possibilities of Instore

Well, nearly. Instore offers a wealth of possibilities, and we’ve already started working on several different solutions with our clients. What we’re working on right now, are solutions that: 

  • Are designed to take the customer by the hand, so to say. To help them select the right product for them, or at the very least, help them along the way. 
  • Are designed to better take advantage of the window display, during both opening and closing hours.
  • Attract more downloads / signups
  • Help you measure customer satisfaction
  • Allow you to showcase a wider range of products in a smaller physical store

Bjerregaard Sikkerhed delivers trustworthy advice at the dealerships

Bjerregaard A/S is a supplier of safety shoes across the country. They wanted more visibility in the dealerships, as well as more focus on delivering trustworthy and valuable advice to the customers - they wanted to help the customer pick the show they needed.

So we developed ‘Choose your shoe’. It’s a tablet mounted on a stand, and placed in front of the shoe racks. Through a line of questions, defined in collaboration with the client, we give the customers 3 shoe-matches. The shoes are shown on the tablet, but the real impact is that the shelves where shoes are placed, light up. It works as a great attention-generator, for both the staff and the customers. 


The interactive window display

We are currently developing an instore solution, that allows the user to interact with the shop without even entering it. We put up interactive screens in the window display, that enables the user to swipe through products, enter competitions, see videos - the list goes on, and we are working on a wide range of things to use on these screens. 

The store can use this to attract the customers’ attention, as it disrupts the typical street-flow, and thereby draw customers into the store. Outside opening hours, we can change the content to, for instance, increase traffic towards a webshop. 


Raise the sales in the store

It’s no surprise that, by highlighting products in the physical stores, you can raise the sales of the current products. But with the help of instore-technology we can now create a solution that generates activity in the actual store, providing information on the product, and raising the sales. Below, you’ll see an early preview of one of the screens we’re testing at the moment. 


More than a gimmick

We need to remember that the Instore solutions, should be more than a gimmick. Yes, the sheer attention they create carry value in itself, but they have to be able to do more than that, to create an impact. And, perhaps even more important, the users have to be ready to interact with the solution - so it might be an idea to start off with something simple. 

As with all digital solutions, we need to consider exactly what value we want to add - what purpose does the solution serve? 

Want to start talking about how we can use instore technology for your business? 


Martin Povlsen

Business Development Director