How to get started with marketing on Snapchat

It took a while, but Snapchat has now launched its new self-service Ad Manager tool, which makes it increasingly interesting for smaller businesses to venture into the weird world of Snapchat marketing. Smaller businesses in this context would be everyone that is not Coca-Cola, Nike or Apple. This is due to Snapchat no longer requiring that potential advertisers go through their sales team or a third party ad tool in order to buy ad space – a former strategy that unfortunately created barriers of entry based on price. The new Ad Manager will be free with no mark-up – again great news for all businesses.

The new self-service ad manager will contain three key functions.

  1. Ad Manager → Here is where you buy, manage and optimize your ads. Set up and organize targeting capabilities, goal-based bidding, audience lists and creative for the ads.
  2. Mobile Dashboard → The main hub for viewing and sharing ad creative as it will be seen by the users and reviewing the campaign performance.
  3. Business Manager → Set up your ad team members, define their roles and permissions.
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Tracking and momentum

The news that Snapchat plans to offer the possibility to track key metrics from within the app is especially great news to advertisers. Previously the lack of an analytics tool was one of the key drawbacks to including Snapchat in your portfolio of marketing channels, but with the release of the business manager site this is about to change. Tracking will include:

  1. Viewability → Amount of attention the ad has received, including reporting from partners
  2. Reach → Who saw your ad, including age, gender and other info from partners
  3. Resonance → favorability and ad resonance based on in-app polling and partners
  4. Reaction → Sales lift metrics, targeting, creative and other dimensions to help increase impact
  5. Verification → How many times your ad was served

Snapchat partners include DoubleClick, Nielsen, MillwardBrown Digital, Mote, Tune among others.

In addition to the increased tracking possibilities we also hope that Snapchat will take the final plunge to keep momentum on the side of the advertisers. That is to allow for the purchase of sponsored geofilters and lenses through the Ad Manager. At the moment it is still required for advertisers to go back to the separate geofilter tool in order to engage with those. But these are all small tweaks compared to the huge general benefits of the Ad Manager.

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We can not imagine there are many holdouts left that still think of Snapchat as quick fad for a small demographic. Snapchat has approximately 166 million daily active users and more total users than Twitter. Maybe even more important – 71% of all Snapchat users are under the age of 25 – making it increasingly important for anyone wanting to reach millennials to have a voice on Snapchat.

Snapchat also makes it possible to target users based on lifestyle, location, demographics, devices, etc. as well as expanding the existing audiences through lookalike options and Snap audience match. 

Audience & engagement 


Average daily active Snapchatters globally


Average daily sessions per Snapchatter


Average minutes spent every day per Snapchatter

Best Practices

At Adapt we have a 5 Best Practices for your Snapchat advertising adventures that we would like to highlight

  1. Create urgency → Look to motivate users to take action on your campaigns
  2. Test content in smaller batches before going public
  3. Match content with platform → Fleeting, raw, personal, casual and fun
  4. Make use of both videos and pictures → Make full use of those 10 seconds of glory
  5. Create a story → Use multiple images/videos to engage the users and overcome the time limit

While the new Snapchat ad manager is not yet a released in Denmark or in Europe, we at Adapt are already investigating the tool’s potential in preparation for a future launch in our territories. It is important for us to stay ahead of the curve in order to always be able to offer as wide a selection of marketing channels to our clients as possible – Snapchat will most certainly be one of them in the future.


Anders Led
Digital Marketing Consultant