3 pretty good reasons why you should modernize your ecommerce setup

There can no longer be any doubt that future business to business transactions are digitized. Which makes it important that the technical solutions and setups that you build can meet both the current needs and can also be scaled and expanded to support future needs. Future needs are, by definition, difficult to predict, which is why it makes sense to look at flexible system architecture.

In this context, there are three key areas that we see are important for companies to achieve success with digitization of B2B trade.

1. Transactions on many channels

Ecommerce today takes place on A LOT of different channels, and more, and different channels er on the rise. This means that these channels are seeing ever-increasing levels of competitiveness. When we couple this with the fact that, as digital users, we use our mobile devices more than we use desktop, it makes absolutely no sense NOT to focus on the mobile experience. This way you can build new shops, make integrations to customers and dealers and access upcoming marketplaces without it having to be a huge "big-bang" development process, where everything has to be started from scratch.

2. User expectations of usability are increasing

The user experience is one of the most important elements for all brands. Users expect personalized and extraordinary user experiences - and they no longer compare you to your nearest competitor, they compare you to the best experience they have ever had, and today, that is moving towards a cross-channel experience, both online and offline.

At Adapt we develop solutions that are based on the users' needs. By setting their needs first, we can deliver solutions that meet them. In addition, we work with technologies that make it possible to develop and design solutions that are not only customer-oriented, but solidly structured to fit their needs. This makes it possible for us to create a greater coherence in your communication of knowledge, information and products - across channels.

3. Technological developments are rapidly evolving

The combination of a future where the number of channels is growing and users' expectations are rising may seem daunting. But with technology comes the solution - systems and services can do more and more and are in rapid development. New services are constantly coming to the market, which makes it easier to service customers. We offer solutions based on an architecture that allows you to continuously take in new services and technologies. This way, your digital solutions can follow your development and you can expand as needs arise, based on the customer journey.


Klaus Jespersen Colding

Director, Ecommerce