Bigcommerce - The future of commerce for BtC & BtB

Bigcommerce is a top-tier commerce provider, offering a software fit for startups as well as large enterprises within the field of both B2C and B2B.

Bigcommerce is on a mission to help merchants sell more at every stage of growth. As Bigcommerce Elite Partner, we have numerous certified developers and we are stoked to partner with Bigcommerce because of the flexibility and modularity inherent in the software.

Bigcommerce x Adapt - Elite partnership

Bigcommerce offers tailor-made solutions which are made to fit merchants' business goals and specific needs. It is e.g., possible to customize themes to make sure the merchants get the perfect theme for their online business. This also applies at the checkout phase. Bigcommerce is a top-tier ecommerce solution with flexibility, many features, and the option to go headless. The Bigcommerce products and strategic approach fits like a glove with our way of approaching ecommerce.

Headless Commerce

Bigcommerce is a leading Open SaaS solution which gives the merchants opportunities to build and improve their online business. The focus on growth is an ongoing process which makes Bigcommerce an advantageous ecommerce platform compared to others. The flexibility and the growth potential with Bigcommerce is massive and we ready and capable to help clients explore that potential and develop their ecommerce business. Especially because Bigcommerce uses microservices in headless commerce which is a new and innovative ecommerce trend and a way of creating more flexibility. 

“What Bigcommerce offers aligns quite well with many of our customers' needs. You have the opportunity to leverage tons of features out of the box or select a more modular approach by going headless,” says Klaus Colding Jespersen, Ecommerce director at Adapt.

Award Winning Ecommerce Platform

Bigcommerce is an award winning and industry-leading ecommerce platform. Because of their impressive performance, focus on growth and commitment to the community Bigcommerce has earned huge recognition. Bigcommerce has won several awards including Best Enterprise Platform - B2C, Best Enterprise Platform - B2B, Best Enterprise Platform - Headless and Best SMB Platform.