Forget about one-size-fits-all solutions and start embracing tailored solutions created for the long run. We’ve got the skills to create user-friendly apps that match your end-users needs – and we believe in the power of prototypes, requirement specs, and user-first approach. 


In many ways, the most significant app user experiences are achieved with native development. Native development means that you have separate codebases for iOS and Android. In layman’s terms, we recommend considering native development if your app contains multifaceted features like animations, AR, or machine learning. The native approach is flexible, dynamic, and we’ve got you covered from idea to implementation. 


If you’re looking for a simpler setup, we also do cross-platform development. In short, cross-platform means that you have a single codebase for both iOS and Android. So, unlike native development, a cross-platform solution is less dynamic but gets your app to market faster and reduces maintenance costs in the long run. When building cross-platform solutions, we always go for Facebook’s React Native or Google’s Flutter.

Tracking & Analytics

Without tracking your users’ behavior, your app is left flying blind. We help you get started on measuring your end-users’ engagement that covers app installs and launches, taps, screen views, events, app versions, flows, user retention, funnel analysis, and much more. Depending on your data – and what you want to learn from it – we specialize in an array of mobile analytics solutions. 

Push notifications

Getting your users’ attention with a quick, personalized note – also known as a push notification – is one of the best ways to grow and retain your app’s customer base and engagement. When talking push notifications, we’ve seen it all; we’re just as skilled at creating meaningful notifications for the customer journey as we are at integrating it with your marketing automation tools. With push notifications, your app stays relevant, and the retention rate stays high – and who doesn’t want that, right? 


We specialize in helping your customers help themselves – with self-service solutions your digital product can save time and ease lives.

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