Amazon Marketplace: A new sales channel for ambitious retailers

Amazon represents more than one-third of the total trade volume in several countries, and soon the merchant giant is coming to Denmark. Yikes! But the good news is, those ambitious retailers now have the opportunity to be at the forefront and develop a strategy and tactic for Amazon optimization.

Does Amazon make sense for your business?

As with everything else in life, Amazon's exciting marketing platform has both pros and cons, and it's not all kinds of businesses that fit the Amazon platform. We recommend developing a business case, focusing on key numbers and processes, before going all in. It is important to consider which products to be included in the marketplace, as well as to understand how Amazon collects customer data and treats your business in relation to the competition.

Dedicated Amazon team that helps brands navigate the platform

We have built a dedicated Amazon team specializing in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). We advise leading retail & CPG brands looking to take advantage of Amazon marketing solutions and popular platforms. In other words, we can help you get set up with Amazon. 

Amazon marketing services

Any Amazon marketing campaign should build on Amazon's two cornerstones:

  • Amazon SEO is a prerequisite for successful keyword optimization and high CTR / CR on Amazon Paid
  • Amazon Paid campaigns, if they are well executed, improve organic placements and support Amazon SEO

If you want to increase your sales and increase your Amazon business, SEO and Paid are the best ways to start. But is it one better than the other? What is the difference? And where do you start? That’s where we come in handy.

Contact us for advice on Amazon

Feel free to contact us to get an Amazon marketing specialist to review your presence on Amazon, or help you develop an Amazon marketing plan so you're ready to take on the platform with a clear strategy.