How to create exceptional customer experiences with Akeneo

A rapidly evolving ecommerce field are challenging brands all over the world. Multiple channels and customers' growing expectations for good digital customer experience create higher demands for product information. It is expected to be reliable, comprehensive, and, not least, available in multiple channels, languages, ​​and versions. Because of that, we have teamed up with Akeneo, who offers the preferred PIM-system. With PIM, you can collect, process, and leverage your product information and create unique user experiences across channels and touchpoints.

What can Akeneo do for you?

Since 2013, Akeneo has specialized in Product Information Management – probably better known as PIM. With a user-friendly, efficient, and flexible solution, you can store, process, and organize all your product data in one place. You have the opportunity to gather product information across thousands of products such as images, product descriptions, and data. You can structure and visualize your products in a comprehensive product catalog – a product catalog you can share across different channels and markets

Enhance the product experience with Akeneo

  • Improve time to market (TTM)
  • Strengthen your omnichannel strategy
  • Gather product information for all channels in one place
  • Increase internal efficiency

3 reasons why you need a PIM-system

You are far from the only one. 94% of companies still process their product data manually in Excel. A PIM-system streamlines your work and manage your product information, so you can focus on running an efficient and scalable ecommerce business. 

94% of companies still process their product data manually in Excel.

As a rule of thumb, a PIM-system is relevant if you fulfill one of the following:

  • You have more than 250 products
  • You sell ​​your products on more than one channel
  • Your brand is present in two or more countries

What can Adapt do for you?

We specialize in consulting, implementing, and integrating a PIM-system for retailers. And we can help you keep your product data up to date across all systems and channels. You typically implement a PIM-system in the following steps: 

  1. Define the strategy and vision
  2. Select a team and determine the process and roles
  3. Train the team and prepare for the implementation of PIM
  4. Build and determine the structure of your product catalog

Want to know more about Akeneo?

Contact us to learn how we can help you implement a PIM-system so you can create valuable user experiences for your customers.