Office assistant

We are looking for a service minded and smiling Office assistant for our office in Copenhagen. A man or woman who wants to help ensure high quality in our kitchen facilities, loves to keep up order, and wants to work with some of Denmark's best digital strategists.

The Role

As our new Office Assistant, you'll get a very important and appreciated role for everybody at Adapt. We appreciate your effort, and that we have you to help out our super friendly but busy colleagues.

The office spans across several floors, which means you will need to move around a bit. You are no stranger to lending a hand where help is needed. You love keeping the order, servicing others and ensuring that we have a team of happy kitchen visitors and lunch guests.

We imagine that you might have experience from similar positions, and would like to make a difference to a lot of happy and talented people.

It is a 37.5-hour position, where you have hours from 8:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday.

You’ll be working with...

  • Setup, maintenance, and removal of the daily lunch buffet
  • Keeping the kitchen facilities, as well as our lounge and common areas clean
  • Fill drinks in refrigerators
  • Prepare meeting rooms before and after meetings
  • Distribute mail internally in the company
  • Welcome guests and visitors
  • Order items from our various suppliers
  • In addition, there may be various ad hoc tasks that you are ready to take on

You, you, you

Right, here’s the thing. We already know a lot about what your role will be, but we also have an idea about what you’ve been through so far. Of course, you get to sprinkle your own magic along the way in our quest, but to pull your own weight, you probably need to check off the following: 

  • A well-developed sense of order
  • A strong sense of work ethics
  • A high level of service
  • Dependable
  • Serious and responsible
  • A positive personality

The Culture

We’re quite social at Adapt, and rarely a month goes by without an Adapt event of some kind. We throw big parties every year, where we invite both our clients and friends, they are well attended and always a lot of fun.

Friday bars, both planned and spur of the moment, are a common thing in Adapt, and they often entail a friendly game of table soccer or a less friendly game of Cards against Humanity.

Adapt sponsors employee planned events as well, and we’ve been bowling, to the movies and joined forces to escape a Mystery Room.

Join us, or else…!

So, what do you need to know about us? Besides the fact that we are the very frontline of digital evolution - and that we are aiming for world domination - we really are a lovely bunch. Honest. We’re also international, with 6 offices placed strategically around the world, we’ve already come far in our plotting, and you’ll be placed in our Copenhagen office.

We are partners with our clients, we collaborate, we build trust, and so do you. 

Oh, and... 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Frank Hansen, phone: +45 33 41 10 50. The application deadline is August 5, 2019, and you'll be starting on October 1, 2019. Your application and CV must be sent to the following email, the topic being “Office assistant”.