3 ecommerce tips that will boost your conversion

Adapt's optimization team – Adapt Conversion, analyze and optimize ecommerce performance on a daily basis. Our experience shows that there are often a couple of low-hanging fruits that are easy to implement and can deliver results quickly. We have gathered 3 ideas for you to use in optimizing your webshop.


Tip 1) Take advantage of Google's big data to optimize your personas, UX, and media spend

It sounds fancy and cumbersome, but you probably have the data available for free in Analytics already. Google collects not only data about what visitors are doing on your site, but also how they generally act online. Then they build a profile and guess what segment each user belongs to, which includes age, sex, and interests. In practice, it means that Google is likely to know your age, gender, and which football team you're heading for! The good news is that this data is available free of charge and can optimize your performance significantly.


How to do it.

Step 1) Log in to Analytics -> Demographics -> Overview.
Your visitors' age and gender are revealed.

Analytics Demographics overview

Step 2) Go to Age / Gender and read which segments have the highest conversion performance.

Age/gender Analytics

Step 3) Use this knowledge in AdWords and Facebook to buy into the segments with the highest conversion performance first.

If you have a fixed Adwords or Facebook budget, it's important to make sure you buy into the segments that your data shows have a high conversion performance. This way, the effectiveness of advertising can increase significantly even with the same budget.

The data can also be used to build personal data from. Once you know who your main customers are, you can also start targeting content and UX exactly to them.

Here's an example where we have defined the 2 most important key segments based on big data from Google and subsequently used interviews to better understand the segments.

Adwords segments

Now it's manageable to target content to a clear audience where both pains and gains for each segment are identified.


Tip 2) Highlight your search function and create a clear contrast

The search function is the source of a large part of the turnover for many webshops. The search simply minimises the need for clicks for the users, which reduces the dropout rate and increases the conversion rate.

Here is an example of how users who use the search feature convert far better than non-users. This pattern applies to 95% of the webshops we work with.

Google optimering

Therefore, it is essential to get as many users as possible to use the search function. This is simply done by highlighting the search bar and creating a clear contrast to the search bar and the surrounding elements.

Amazon has cracked the code and provided a small header with a large clear search bar with a clear contrast.


To do:

Highlight your search bar and create a clear contrast to the search function compared to the surrounding elements.


Tip 3) Optimize your category pages

Category pages are often the most important pages to optimize

. Why? Because over 50% of traffic typically lands directly into a category page - bypassing your frontpage.

It is important to understand that visitors often do not know you, as they often come from search engines and have searched for generic search phrases. For example, it may be a user searching for a search phrase in Google as "Nike shoes men" and lands directly into a category page at Sportmaster.

These visitors will often not have a special preference to shop at Sportmaster or be aware of the service or benefits they can expect to receive. Therefore, it is important to confirm the user that they are on the right page and to explain clearly why the user should buy from your webshop.

Sportmaster does it like t his:

Customers are looking for "Nike shoes men" and land on a category page containing Nike shoes for men. Here the customer is presented with clear USPs with clear benefits to shop at Sportmaster, as well as a relevant category with good filtering options.

Sportmaster Adwords


How to identify the category pages that have the highest value for your business.

Step 1) Sign in to Analytics -> Site content -> landing pages -> Find the pages with the most traffic and earnings

Analytics traffic

Step 2) Optimize your main pages with great texts, images, content and UX.

Now it's up to you if you want to spend time testing our ideas for optimization.

The ideas are produced by Adapt’s optimization unit: Adapt Conversion. We help ecommerce brands to utilize their digital potential through data driven media purchases, conversion optimization and analysis. 

Contact us if you need help with ecommerce optimization, traffic or digital analysis.


Klaus Jespersen Colding

Managing Director, Conversion